Saccoccio & Associates

Quest Montessori School Grand Opening & Award

November 1, 2018

The Quest Montessori School had it's Grand Opening of the "Barn" designed by Saccoccio & Associates. In addition, they were awarded the USDA Rural Development, "Rural Education Recognition Award" on November 1, 2018. Katherine Bowen, the Head of the School, stated "they do not know how they ever existed without this invaluable space and it was build all with local community input, including Saccoccio & Associates for designing the building."

This award was given to Quest Montessori School because, "They are an innovator in rural education, teaching young people the creativity and innovation necessary to improve their surrounding communities. Quest's pre-school through 8th grade programs provides children of rural communities the fundamentals of business and economics to excel in community building. Through evoking children's love of learning. Quest is a contributor to USDA's overall mission of improving the quality of life in rural communities."