Saccoccio & Associates

Saccoccio & Associates Designing Quest Montessori School Addition

August 24, 2016

Saccoccio & Associates is designing a 3,000-square-foot addition to the Quest Montessori School that will create a new front entrance and focal point for the Narragansett school.

In 2013, Quest completed construction on a 12,500-square-foot school for students 18 months to 14 years in age. The one-story building has seven classrooms, an office, conference room and library space. The new addition will feature a 48-by-48 multi-purpose space and create a new main entrance connecting the multi-purpose room and the existing building. The multi-purpose space will be used for indoor physical education, large gatherings and after school programming.

The design of the multi-purpose spaces takes into account the many principles of the Montessori education model. The uninterrupted space represents “freedom of movement.” The heavy timber spacing represents the four distinct planes of human development. The exposed structure explains visually how pieces fit together. Learning tools such as the “brown stair” and the “pink tower” were instrumental in the detail elements of the new structure.

Ground breaking is expected in October with completion scheduled for the Fall of 2017.